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The one-stop shop you've
been looking for.

From first click to doorstep, be the best experience your patients can ask for, with a secure medical questionnaire and seamless checkout.

Get an exclusive behind the scenes seat and watch your orders pass through our Licensed Doctor Network and trusted Pharmacy Fulfillment Center before finally reaching the doorbell.

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From idea to enterprise,
build your vision.

Custom tailor your storefront to best represent your brand, and to build a patient experience adapted for your formulations.

Upload your branded assets

Upload your branded assets to create a holistic experience for your patients and your brand with a customizable aesthetically pleasing storefront.

Design multiple subscription models

Sell how you want, the way you want, by implementing multiple subscription models for your patient population to select from.

Implement disease state protocols

Utilizing a customizable questionnaire, identify contraindications in patients with our integrated dynamic flagging system.


Lead your brand
to success.

Keeping up with your patients and their orders has never been easier; CompoundLive’s comprehensive dashboard and analytics reports allow you to stay informed and know exactly where support is needed.

Patient Management

Interact with your patients and increase retention through promotional codes, store credit, and an interface for contacting leads and designing email and SMS templates.

Integrated secure email messaging service

Create email and SMS templates for patient notifications, and securely interact with your patient population via an integrated email service.

Centralized Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Centrally manage and safekeep patient health information with our integrated secure storage and management of patient health records for continuity of care.


Utilizing CompoundLive’s integrated reporting capabilities, track your storefront’s sales, doctor consultations, and questionnaire progress.
Use these reports to make data-driven and informed marketing decisions as your business continues to grow.

Comprehensive Super Reports

Super Reports contain records of all patients, whether they placed an order or not. Analyze where patients may need support, and ascertain aspects of the patient journey that may be improved.

End of Day Completion Report

The End of Day (EOD) Completion Report is a summary of the activities from the selected date. Evaluate what marketing strategies may be refined by cross referencing data from different days.

Order Management

Track orders, purchases, and in-progress consultations from one centralized order dashboard; easily assess where patients may be facing obstacles along the patient journey.

Integrated shipping and tracking

Easily view shipments with real-time tracking, keeping you and your patients informed for
the entirety of the process, from the pharmacy
to their doorstep.

Promotional codes, refunds, and store credit

Resolve and manage customer inquiries by assigning promotional codes, refunds, and store credit where appropriate, all from one central location.


Propel your business to
new heights.

CompoundLive’s unified approach allows brands to focus on their core strengths: marketing and building their formulations while benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of a comprehensive platform.

Additional disease state treatment protocols.

Offer more options for your patient population by implementing multiple disease state protocols, assisted by our doctor network.

Integrated shipping management.

Utilize CompoundLive's fulfillment system designed for volume and efficiency to swiftly deliver your medication into the hands of patients.

Implement additional customized formulations.

Provide more pharmaceutical formulations for your patient population through partnership with one of the compounding pharmacies in our network.

Connect with our national doctor network.

Expand your patient base by leveraging our provider network licensed across multiple states. Scaling your business has never been simpler.

Transform healthcare for your patients.

With the integration of the storefront, questionnaire, doctor network, and pharmacy fulfillment in a single platform, CompoundLive ensures a seamless process with capabilities to customize, manage and grow your DTC brand.

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