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Presenting the ultimate telehealth solution.

CompoundLive is an all-encompassing platform that simplifies and streamlines your business setup. Our unique telehealth system stands out in the market, offering a complete package that integrates all critical elements effortlessly.

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A one-stop shop for all your needs.

Our platform is your one-stop solution for delivering a consistent and professional healthcare service, ensuring your patients receive the best care with smooth, end-to-end processing.

End-to-end software.

CompoundLive's closed end-to-end system provides enhanced security by consolidating data within a single, controlled environment.

Patients, physicians, and pharmacists.

Our software caters to patients, physicians, and pharmacists with specialized portals, optimizing interactions and ensuring tailored experiences for each user group.

Access to our 50-state physician and pharmacy network.

Enjoy the advantages of a widespread network, ensuring accessibility for enhanced service and convenience.

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An all-in-one toolkit for your DTC brand.

Advance your Direct-To-Consumer brand with our complete telehealth toolkit, built to streamline your entire operation.


Streamlined virtual consultations and secure medication purchases — all in one place.

Effortlessly build or expand your telehealth venture with our software's robust e-commerce tools, ensuring a tailored and successful online presence.


Custom Domain

Custom Intake Form

Payment Processing

Merchant Services

Discount Codes

ID Verification Automation


Seamless integration for comprehensive telehealth solutions, from consultations to care.

Our user-friendly software ensures effortless interactions between patients and doctors for an efficient healthcare experience.


Asynchronous Visits

Patient Portal

Doctor Portal and CRM

Trusted Doctor Network

Doctor-Patient Messaging

Prescribe within EHR


Efficient fulfillment guarantees secure, direct medication shipments from pharmacy to patients.

Our integrated shipping feature and custom packaging creates a comprehensive DTC brand experience for your telehealth venture.


Our Nationwide Pharmacy Network

Custom Branding on Packaging

Customized Formulas

Built-in Shipping Integration

Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

HIPAA, SOC 2, and PCI Compliant.

We’re HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI DSS compliant for top-tier security and privacy. By ensuring these comprehensive compliance standards, we enable you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care by drastically reducing your worrying about compliance risks.

Operating as a closed-loop system.

Enhance your telehealth capabilities with our closed-loop software, ensuring unparalleled end-to-end control and security. Our platform facilitates seamless, efficient, and confidential healthcare interactions, providing an elevated experience for both providers and patients.

Multi-Factor Authentication.

Our telehealth platform integrates robust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), ensuring optimal security in compliance with HIPAA regulations. This feature enhances the protection of sensitive information, fostering trust and adherence to the highest standards of data privacy and security in the healthcare industry.

Encryption at rest.

Protect patient information and boost confidentiality with our advanced data encryption measures, which secures data even when at rest. This approach not only ensures compliance with privacy standards but also provides peace of mind, knowing that sensitive information is guarded with the utmost care at all times.

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